Tulostettava versio



Easter message from the Bishop of the Diocese of Espoo



In the course of our lives we sometimes face situations which seem to be too difficult for us to handle. Then we ask where to find strength and we worry how to proceed. The feeling of getting trapped in a dead-end makes us to loose our sight into the future and to maintain our hope.


Easter has a message very suitable for those situations.  The Gospel of Mark (chapter 16) describes how some women came early in Sunday morning to the grave of Jesus in order to prepare the body of the Master for the final rest. They had one problem in their thoughts: how to roll the big stone away from the entrance of the tomb. Without any help they would not succeed.


At the grave they faced two surprises. First, the stone had been already rolled away. Second, an angel told them that Jesus has risen from the dead. The visit at the grave had  revolutionary consequencies in the lives of the women as well as the other followers of Jesus.


The feast of Resurrection proclaims that Jesus has conquered death. The most difficult issue of all has been settled. Too difficult is not, after all, too difficult. All the causes of our worries will be resolved in a way or another. We are not always capable to remove stones away from our route and to solve problems that make us worried. However, we believe that God is always capable to do all that.

That’s why we trust in God.


I wish you a joyful Easter time! Christ is risen!

 Tapio Luoma


The Cathedral of Espoo


Bishop Tapio Luoma